Born and raised in Dallas, Texas Kenny Dreams is a musical visionary and entrepreneur whose trials and tribulations in his life have led him to being an advocate for people of color and a tastemaker for generations to come. Growing up near inner city Dallas, Kenny Dreams found himself in trouble more often than not. Consequently, he was sent to a military school in Indiana near the KKK at 14. It was here he was molded into who he is today, overcoming the challenges that stood in front of him through his love of music. He was able to take piano lessons, and always had a skill for putting words together and rhyming them in song form. In his junior year, he was asked by one of the faculty and staff to make a rap song about the Day of Giving, an annual event where the school asked its Alumni for donations. Kenny thrived in this environment, earning the school 4 times their usual amount of donations, even becoming a local celebrity. It was at this moment Kenny’s love for music was solidified. Kenny Dreams’ music style can be described as Anthemic Hip Hop records infused with soul within the context of the new generation.