“It’s a MOVEment where everyBODY Thrives” Kangoo Bounce presented by JamzFit, as featured on Fox5, CBS, ABC, YELLE for the Cult ATL, S.O.N.G
Get ready to bounce into fitness with Kangoo Bounce! Join us for an exhilarating performance and demo session where you can experience the total body workout sensation that’s taking the world by storm. Kangoo Bounce combines fun and fitness like never before, with music routines that will keep you energized and motivated. It’s like trampolines on your shoes! Come try it out for yourself and discover the joy of bouncing your way to a healthier, happier you!

Her motto is , 🔥”It’s a MOVEment, EveryBODY THRIVES”🔥 so when it comes to Kangoo Jumps, she literally wants everyone to bounce to the beat of their own drum- while having FUN. In her class, she combines an amazing upbeat blend of “Go-Go” percussion music and Hip-Hop sounds. If you’re ever looking for something fun, please check her classes out! Let’s Work!